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Welcome to a scientific viewpoint!

I hope you enjoy the thoughts and concepts presented here. Thinking is always a useful activity, or so it seems to me. But the problem I have faced over many years is the lack of time to indulge subjects that are really important to me as an individual, let alone to convert the results into something descriptive. Busy times pass and you are left without any major stores upon which to draw…until you get old enough and stubborn enough to take control of those things on which so much time has just been squandered. Strangely, that is when you come to discover much about yourself and others. These are the things which make life far more than sitting in gridlock, or competing with the other guy…or even simply driving hard toward a goal that you never formulated in the beginning.

We, Ann and I, are grandparents and we are parenting again, as many in the USA are. Some think it keeps you young, yet age knocks on our doors and we experience ailments that propel us to seek medical advice. Both of us are scientists and we rather like to obtain scientific answers to technical issues like health.

This isn’t always easy because each individual has responsibility for their entire being. Yet medical professionals are trained to limit their commentary and detailed expertise to precise miniature battlegrounds. Outside their field, they should remain mute…despite the depth of training they actually possess. Who integrates it all? Since we are the integral product of our own existence, we have to face the task ourselves – personally. To do so, we must understand the meaning of so-called “evidence-based medicine”. Here, observations are correlated in much the same way as experimental engineering. The fundamental “why” details and mechanisms really cannot be pursued because of the chance that someone will die because of that. True science on the other hand, tends to assume that another experiment is always possible – even if you die in the process, someone else will be there to carry on. That isn’t as helpful as the idealists might think either!

So scientists and clinicians have very different interpretations of simple words like “research”. Similarly, commercial people and priests have rather different ways of activating their entrepreneurial skills. Somewhere on this canvas of extreme colors, we find ourselves just trying to stay well for longer and enjoy life. Since indeed we are the ones who invest most in seeking improved health, we need to exhibit the same independence of thought that befits the best entrepreneurs.

And a few practical truths have emerged, as I will try to outline. A useful sentiment to hold in mind might be –
“Attend to the daily things that give pleasure and wellness – and forgo fashionable craziness that we can neither understand nor conquer.”

Please enjoy.
“amo ut invenio – for what is the alternative?”

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